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Features of Function Graphs (intercepts; positive/negative; increasing/decreasing)
More Features of Function Graphs (maximum/minimum; symmetry; end behavior)
Average Rate of Change of Functions (linear, non-linear, table, graph, word problem)
Transformations of Functions (-f (x); f (-x); f (x) + k; f (x + k); kf (x); f (kx); summary)
TYPE: Exponential Functions (functions, rate of growth and decay)

Practice with Function Features (intercepts; inc/dec; max/min; pos/neg; end behavior)
Game (under development)

REFRESHERS: (while these topics are mostly "review", you may also find new information here)
Transformations - Symmetry (intuitive, line, plane, point, rotational)
Transformations - Reflections (intuitive, in a line, in a point, on coordinate axes)
Transformations - Translations (intuitive, on coordinate axes)
Transformations - Dilations (intuitive, simiilarity, on coordinate axes)
Transformations - Rotations (intuitive, on coordinate axes)

Practice with Transformations (intuitive and non-grid)