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Dilations (properties, definition, scale factors, use on coordinate axes)
Stretches (vertical and horizontal dilations)
Similar Figures (definitions, similarity transformations)
Proving Similar Triangles (AA (proof), SSS, SAS)
"Side Splitter" Theorem (theorem, converse, proofs, example)
Angle Bisector Theorem (theorem, proof, example)
Measurements in Similar Figures (perimeters, areas, volumes)
Proof Problems for Similar Triangles (similar triangles, proportions, products)
Construct: Similar Triangles (Note: this links to Construction section.)
Similarity in relation to Circles Proofs appears under Circles

Practice with Similarity (numerical problems)

REFRESHERS: (while these topics are mostly "review", you may also find new information here)
Transformations - Dilations (intuitive, similarity, on coordinate axes)
Note: this links to the Transformation section.
Ratios and Proportions (rules, properties)