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Categorizing Data (quantitative, qualitative, univariate, bivariate)
Representing Data Graphically (a comparison of histogram, dot plot, box plot w/same data)
Shapes of Distributions (peaks, shapes of histograms, dot plots, boxplots)
Measures of Center ( mean, median, balance point, when to use what)
Variance and Standard Deviation (formulas, normal curve)
Measures of Spread (range, IQR, MAD, variance, standard deviation, which is best)

Practice Categorizing Data (qualitative, quantitative, univariate, bivariate, biased, unbiased)
Practice Interpreting Graphs (interpret and compare histograms, dot plots, box plots)
Game (under development)

REFRESHERS: (while these topics are mostly "review", you may also find new information here)
Four Step Statistical Process (process, avoiding bias)
Measures of Central Tendency (mean, mode, median)
Histograms (frequency, cumulative frequency, & relative frequency histograms)
Box Plots (box & whisker plots, quartiles, IQR, five statistical summary, outliers, skewed box plots)