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Directions: You may need paper and pencil. Choose the correct answer.

A Madison Square Garden concert ticket is $120.  Caroline is going to save money for the ticket by walking her neighbor's dog for $15 per week.  Caroline has already saved $21.  Which inequality can be used to find the minimum number of weeks, w, Caroline must walk the dog to earn enough to pay for the concert ticket?

15w greaterE 120
15w - 21 > 120
15w + 21 greaterE 120
15w greaterE 120 + 21



The Student Council cannot decide between two themes for the Junior Prom. The four Student Council officers have decided to survey a total of at least 50 Junior class students regarding this issue. The Treasurer has already contacted 12 juniors. Each of the four officers will now contact the same number of juniors. Which inequality could be used to determine the minimum number, n, of students each officer will need to contact?
4n + 50 lessequal 12
4n + 50 greaterE 12
  4n + 12 lessequal 50 4n + 12 greaterE 50



The 8th grade class raised money for charity by running (or walking) laps around the school athletic track. Donors gave $5 per lap. The goal was to raise at least $200. By noon, $180 had been raised. Which graph, depicting the number of completed laps, shows the number of remaining laps that would reach the goal?



An hobby store sells radio controlled helicopters and small-scale drones. The store makes a $75 profit on the sale of each drone (d) and a $30 profit on the sale of each helicopter (h).  The store wants to make a profit of at least $290 from its sales of helicopters and drones.  Which inequality describes this situation?
75d + 30h < 290
75d + 30h < 290
  75d + 30h > 290 75d + 30h > 290



Lucia and her horse are training for an upcoming 100 mile trail ride. Her goal is to ride her horse more than 50 miles in the next five consecutive days. On the first day, she rides for 6 miles. Which inequality can be used to determine the average number of miles, m, she would need to ride each day for the remaining 4 days to meet her goal?
4m + 6 > 50
4m - 6 > 50
4m - 6 < 50
4m + 6 < 50



Uncle Tomás decides to buy lotto scratch tickets as birthday cards this year for his nieces and nephews. He will buy "Lucky Game Book" tickets at $20 each, and "Did I Win?" tickets at $10 each. He has $200 to buy a total of 12 tickets. How many of each type of ticket can he buy, using all of his $200?
He can buy eight $20 tickets and four $10 tickets.
He can buy four $20 tickets and eight $10 tickets.
He can buy six $20 tickets and six $10 tickets.
He can buy nine $20 tickets and three $10 tickets.



Consider the following expressions:

dog cute
a) Which of the following statements is true for all values of x?
Expression 1 is equal to expression 2.
Expression 1 is always less than expression 2.
Expression 1 is always greater than expression 2.
Expression 1 is sometimes greater, and sometimes less, than expression 2.
  b) Explain how you arrived at your answer to part a. Show your work.



Consider the equation:    n = -3 + x
Describe what must be true about x when n is a negative number.
Use inequality symbols in your description.
Include at least one numerical example to support your conclusions.
confused guy



Fred decides this is the year he is going to join a golf club and improve his golf game. The golf club membership will cost $1450 for the season and he will be charged $28 for each round of golf that he plays. Fred's wife hopes that he does not spend more than $3500 on golf for the season. golfFred

a)  Write an inequality that describes the relationship between the maximum amount Fred wants to spend and the total golf costs for the season.

b)  Solve the inequality to determine the maximum number of rounds of golf he can play yet not exceed his wife's $3500 limit.



The "Let Them Eat Cake" bakery is offering a promotional sale on heart-shaped boxes of candy. The hope is to attract more attention to the bakery which will increase cake sales.  The bakery will lose $1.20 on every box of candy, but will profit by $4.86 on each cake sold. cake

a) "Breaking even" is the worst the bakery is willing to accept. They want the losses from the boxes of candy to be less than or equal to the profits from the cakes.  Write an inequality expression for this situation.  Let b represent the number of boxes of candy sold and c the number of cakes sold.

b) Graph the inequality plotting the number of boxes of candy sold on the horizontal axis and the number of cakes sold on the vertical axis.  Indicate the region where the bakery will profit from their promotional sale.




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