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Directions: Read carefully and choose the best answer.

When balloons are inflated, they form spheres because they are trying to hold as much air as possible with as small a surface as possible. How much air, to the nearest cubic inch, is being held by a spherical balloon with a diameter of 10 inches?
167 in3
524 in3
1333 in3
4189 in3

A cone is filled to its height of 3 inches with a liquid. The liquid is then poured into an empty cylinder with the same height and same radius as the cone. What is the height reached by the liquid in the cylinder?
3 in
2.5 in 2 in 1 in

Otto is sitting on 10 blocks of gold. The blocks are in the shape of right trapezoidal prisms. The trapezoidal base of the prism has bases of 10 inches and 7 inches with a height of 8 inches. The lateral edge of the prism is 19 inches.
a) Upon how many total cubic inches of gold is he sitting?
8,930 cubic inches
  12,920 cubic inches
  15,300 cubic inches
  25,840 cubic inches
  b) Determine the worth of Otto's gold based upon the gold pricing of $13,067.76 per troy pound. Utilize the following information:
• there are 1728 cubic inches in 1 cubic foot.
• there are 1,206.83 pounds of gold in 1 cubic foot.
• there are 0.82 pounds in 1 troy pound.
  $143,797.78 $143,797,776.40

A farmer is building a new silo for storing grain. He is comparing a silo with a cone top to a silo with a hemisphere top.

Which silo has the larger volume?
cone top
  hemisphere top
b) By how much does the volume of the larger silo exceed that of the smaller silo?
763.407 cubic ft.
2290.222 cubic ft
  3053.638 cubic ft.
5368.144 cubic ft.
  c) Note: 1 bushel = 1.24446 cubic feet
The cost of building a silo depends upon its holding capacity expressed in bushels. These silos fall into the price range of $2.21 per bushel capacity. What is the cost of the smaller silo?
  d) How much more will it cost to construct the larger silo?

At Theater A, popcorn is served in a box. At Theater B, popcorn is served in a cylindrical container. At home, Mom serves popcorn in a bowl (hemisphere in shape). Based upon the given dimensions, at which location are you getting the most popcorn?
(Disregard the thickness of the container, and popcorn piled above the container.)
Theater A
Theater B
At Home

The Great Pyramid of Egypt, built for Pharaoh Khufu around 2560 BC, is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in Giza. Its square base measures 230.4 meters on a side and is 146.5 meters tall.
The second tallest pyramid is the Pyramid of Khafre (son of Khufu) with a square base measuring 215.28
Khafre's Pyramid
  meters on a side and 136.4 meters tall. What is the difference in volume between these two pyramids, to the nearest cubic meter?
210,717cubic meters
259,228 cubic meters
485,102 cubic meters
744,330 cubic meters

The county installed a metal pipe under the Jones' driveway to allow for drainage of run-off from the road. The pipe is a cylinder with a diameter of 2 feet and a length of 20 feet.
  To stop their dog, Skeeter, from running into the pipe, the Jones decide to build square steel grates for the ends of the pipe. The grates contain 5 vertical pipes, 5 horizontal pipes and 2 diagonal pipes, as shown. If the steel piping is sold by the foot, how many feet of steel piping will the Jones need to buy to build the two steel grates?
18 feet
19 feet 36 feet 37 feet

In Geometry class, you and your partner are given a cube of Play Dough (modeling clay) measuring 5 inches on a side. Your task is to create as many spherical balls as possible having a diameter of 2 inches each. What is the maximum number of spherical balls you can create from the cube of Play Dough?

"Happy" brand peanut butter is sold in cylindrical jars of varying sizes. As is usually the case, buying the larger jar has a reduced unit price. The larger jar has a unit price of 5.5 cents per cubic inch of peanut butter. The smaller jar has a unit price of 6.3 cents per cubic inch of peanut butter.
  Find the cost of each jar of peanut butter, to the nearest penny.
large jar $7.50; small jar $1.99
large jar $7.56; small jar $2.00
  large jar $7.58; small jar $2.05
  large jar $755.95; small jar $200.39

A manufacturing firm hired a company to design the pyramid-shaped container shown below. It was discovered that certain specifics regarding the design are incorrect. You have been hired to find the errors. The pyramid-shaped container is a right square pyramid with a base side length of 6 inches and a height of 9 inches. In the diagram, G is the midpoint of ad. Which of the following statements are TRUE regarding the drawing of this container?
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Volume = 108 in3

ΔEFD is a right Δ

GF = 3 inches

ED = 3rad11 inches

Area ΔEDC = 27






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