To see more explanations and examples of these rules go to the Algebra 1 Section: Exponent Rules.

bullet Exponent Rules:
Exponent Rule: Symbolism: In plain English ...
Zero Exponent x0 = 1 All numbers (not zero) raised to the zero power equal one.
Negative Exponent expneg A negative exponent tells you that the factor is on the wrong side of the fraction bar. ( x is not zero).
Product Rule prodrule When multiplying, and the bases are the same, ADD the exponents.
Quotient Rule quotrule When dividing, and the bases are the same, SUBTRACT the exponents. (top exponent subtract bottom exponent)
Power to a Power powrule When raising a power to a power, MULTIPLY the exponents.
Product to a Power pprule When raising a product to a power, EACH factor gets raised to the new power.
Quotient to a Power quot1

When raising a quotient to a power, BOTH top and bottom get raised to the new power.


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