Solve each problem and check to see if your answer is correct.

You had $25.00 in your checking account. While you planned to deposit an additional $80 to cover the cost of a new pair of sneakers, you forgot to make the deposit. You wrote the check for $103.95 for the sneakers. The bank informed you that you needed to deposit sufficient funds to cover the check, in addition to a $10 fee for being overdrawn. What was the minimum amount you needed to deposit immediately in the bank?




At 6 AM, the weather station reported that school would be delayed for 2 hours because the temperature was 25º F below zero. The high temperature for that day occurred at 2 PM at 26º F above zero. By how many degrees did the temperature increase between 6 AM and 2 PM ?

cold day



A species of fish live at 200 feet below sea level. During a play-fest, two young fish ascend 15 feet, descend 40 feet, ascend 36 feet and descend 15 feet. At how many feet below sea level are the two fish when the play ends?

two fish



A proton has a charge of positive one. An electron has a charge of negative one. Find the total charge of an ion with 12 protons and 15 electrons.




The temperature outdoors is 6º F. With an upcoming storm, the weather channel predicts that the temperature will drop 24º within the next 8 hours. If this drop occurs, what will be the new outdoor temperature?




During the first week of testing at a nuclear power plant, electrical output dropped 534 kilowatts. During the next four weeks of testing, output increased 356 kilowatts, decreased 650 kilowatts, increased 334 kilowatts and then increased 351 kilowatts again. What was the net decrease (or increase) in kilowatt output during the testing period?




The first balanced scale shown below, indicate the relationship between the weights of the items on the scale. Determine what items need to be added to the right side of the second scale so that the second scale will balance.






A submarine is at -500 feet, or 500 feet below sea level.  The ship is then directed to descend 650 feet, then to ascend 350 feet, then to descend 340 feet, then to ascend 150 feet, and then to descend to the ocean floor which is 1200 feet below sea level.
a) How many feet was the final descent?


b) If the first direction to the ship had been transmitted incorrectly as "descend 750 feet", what would have happened?



You are playing a signed number game with a standard deck of cards where the black cards represent positive numbers and the red cards are negative numbers. What is the "value" for the hand of cards shown at the right?




The average monthly temperatures in northern Siberia are -55º, -45º, -30º, 0º, 10º, 40º, 45º, 35º, 20º, 0º, -30º, and -50º. What is the average yearly temperature?





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