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Directions: The following questions deal with measurements. Read carefully and choose the best answer.

Miley wants to fertilize her 16 new evergreen trees this year. The fertilizer directions say to use 2 cups per tree in the spring and 1 cup per tree in the fall. If she follows the directions, how many gallons of fertilizer will she use in one year.


Allison is wallpapering the ceiling in her bedroom with cloud wallpaper. The ceiling measures 20 feet by 15 feet. If the total cost of the needed wallpaper is $255.00, what is the cost of the wallpaper per square foot, in dollars?


A harvester can fill a truck with ΒΌ ton of corn in one minute. At this continued rate, how many tons can be harvested in three eight hour work days?


A horse is galloping at 60 feet per second and a greyhound dog is running at 40 miles per hour. Which animal is running faster?
horse and dog


A concrete patio is being constructed. The patio is 20 feet wide and 6 inches thick. A concrete truck is at the job site holding 8.6 cubic yards of concrete.
How long will the patio be, to the nearest foot, if constructed from the amount of concrete on the truck?


Gasoline costs $3.586 per gallon. Your car gets 24 miles to one gallon of gas. The distance from your home to your favorite camping site is 280 miles. What will be the cost of the gasoline for a round trip to the camp site?
gas station tank


A water bottle shows a marked scale measuring 1000 ml and 32 oz. The 32 oz mark is shown to be less than the 1000 ml mark. To the nearest ounce, how many additional ounces of water (beyond 32 oz) are needed to fill the bottle to the 1000 ml mark?


From the comparison of the rulers at the right, it is hard to see if 5 centimeters is equivalent to 2 inches. Show, mathematically, the relationship between 5 centimeters and 2 inches.


A researcher has a graduated cylinder with a measuring capacity of 25 ml. and a bottle containing 1 oz. of an unknown liquid.

If the researcher empties the bottle into the cylinder, will the liquid exceed the 25 ml. measuring capacity of the cylinder?

Support your answer with mathematical calculations.


Two speed signs are as shown at the right.

Which sign allows for a faster speed?


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